A quickie, Feb 14, 2016

I wasn’t going to bother getting this done.  I am trying to get so much taken care of right away…but I received encouragement to at least try..so this won’t be awesome..but will try..

10) Just got a call from my dear son.  This is the one that  has struggled so much.  He just wanted to say Happy Valentines Day..and he let me know that some valentine day card I sent when he was in College really meant a lot to him.  It is so funny, isn’t it..something I don’t remember, and didn’t seem like much, meant a lot. You just never know.

9) We leave tomorrow on our vacation.  I am nervous about the whole trip and I am looking more forward to getting home, than being on the trip.  I must remember to be more Thankful.

8)Listened to an amazing sermon this morning.  Our church is going through the process of looking for a new head pastor.  We are being led by a church group of people. Luckily for us, one of the people is Dr. Ken Blanchard, who wrote a famous book called The One Minute Manage and another book called Lead like Jesus.  I am sure he wrote lots of other things too, but this mornings sermon was given by him, and it did speak to me.

7) We are making plans to go see my daughter and granddaughter in April  Now that is a trip I will look forward to.

6)One of my diet foods is a little piece of gingerbread.  Ok, so not real gingerbread..but close enough, and I can put non-fat topping on it. Makes for something good to eat when hungry !

5)I have a new neighbor that built a really horrendous wall in his front yard.  I was so upset, I could hardly see straight.  He stopped by to talk and I told him how upset I was.  He is adjusting the wall. I no longer feel like I have a prison wall in front of my house.

4)My dear husband is trying to fix so many little things around here.  I get frustrated with the amount of stuff that needs to be fixed, but at least some things are getting done.

3) Laundry is done.

2) Most of the bills are caught up.

1)Mostly things are good.  I keep waiting for the next terrible thing to happen. Seems like we haven’t had a period in ten years when there wasn’t some calamity happening.  Keeping my fingers crossed and trying to enjoy the moment.


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