Looking forward Jan 9th 2016

rain Oct. 4 2015 001


Last week, I took the time to look back over 2015.  It was fun to see what had happened in pictures.  Looking forward becomes much more of a challenge.  Things never seem to go the way we wanted.  I have a long list of things that need to be put into better shape:  financials, physical, and I am sure emotionally. We all seem to have ideas of what we want to do. We make plans.  And then we find blocks to our getting there.

This week was a perfect example. We had plans to get rid of my son’s car. Well, it isn’t really a car, if you have followed my blog, but it is a shell of a car.  We thought we had all the paperwork we needed.  My husband had gone to the DMV several times.  They assured him, he had everything he needed.  Now we just need to get together with the buyer.  My husband and the buyer went to the DMV today, and no, we did not have all the paperwork we needed. So we are back to square one. We have to get a hold of our out-of-town son.  We have to get him to get forms, sign them and get them to us.  Meanwhile the car sits outside.  It looks terrible and we need to get it off the street. It is a stress we do not need.  We feel like this is a never ending problem.  I know somehow it will end.  I cannot wait.

This car problem, does remind me of thankfulness however.  I see a problem.  I should be grateful that  we have a car to sell.  I should be grateful that we have someone that wants the car. I should be grateful that the car was a wonderful experience for my son and my husband to experience.  Now it just seems like a weight around my neck.

mustang for sale nov 30 2015 005

One of my goals this year was to make my husband take me out to dinner once a week.  I am not sure if that seems like a lot or a little to most, but since we almost never go out to eat, for us that is a lot.  So far, the first week, we didn’t make it out.  I did also, have a goal to take off my “Christmas weight” and so with dieting, my goal of losing the weight outweighed the goal of eating out.  I will find out tomorrow, if I met the first goal, but I am pretty sure I am, at least, close. Maybe then, I can put in a goal of doing more fun things like eating out. So, now I see that goals have to come in order.

I do have several things I can list as Thankfulness this week.

10) Dad has been in and out of the hospital this week.  My caregiver did think that on Tuesday, that he was going to pass, as they could not get him to wake up.  They took him to the hospital, and he woke up and was fine.  The last three days he has been great, and even ate in the dining room today.  There is lots there to be grateful for.

9) My job has been busy this week.  I am grateful to have it.  There is much left to be desired about it, and I am trying to see if I can make some changes. So far this week, I have procrastinated about checking into things, and I need to put that on my to do list.

8) I am so grateful for fb and technology that sends me daily pictures of my granddaughter.  She is so cute and makes me smile daily.

7) I have much paperwork to do about health care, but I am so grateful that I will be able to afford it. There is a lot I could discuss there, but will leave it at that.

6) I am excited and grateful to head to the farmers market tomorrow.  I will pick up my local made honey, and have a nice crepe.  That will be AFTER I check into my diet place !

5) My husband will be very busy tomorrow, as will I, but I am hopeful to have some quiet time to myself to get some things done, including bill paying. Not a fun time, but it is weighing on me to get it done.

4) We had some incredibly hard rain this past week.  It was at times rather scary.  I am so grateful that we didn’t have any damage to our house or to the shell of the car outside, other than added rust.

3) I am grateful that the guy still wants to buy the car even though it has been sitting outside getting rusty for the last month and a half.

2) And I am grateful that the city got some much needed rain.  Having it not come all in short periods of time would have been preferable, however, it is much needed.  Now it will hopefully go back up north and we can just get it when it melts from the mountains in the spring.

1)I am grateful to have a new year to look forward to. I look with some trepidation, hoping not to fall into the traps I have for the last year. I hope to make some changes, even if they come more slowly than I want.  It is a hard balancing act, taking care of yourself and taking care of others. Now for a reminder to get some rest and not try to do it all in one day.  (My granddaughter was playing, determined not to go to sleep, and just fell asleep sitting up!)12494122_10208980455415445_1088111305_o




8 thoughts on “Looking forward Jan 9th 2016

  1. May

    My second daughter fell asleep like that every single night! Talk about limber!
    Your granddaughter is so adorable. Those eyes!
    Oh, goodness. For some reason I thought the car saga had come to an end. Soon, for your sake I am hoping soon!


  2. lrconsiderer

    Rain is just awful, and hard rain is worse. I hope it goes away soon!

    I’m so glad your dad’s doing better. I hope he makes a quick recovery. And that the car shell goes SOON! Good grief it’s been a long time, hasn’t it! Could do with getting done and dusted. I’ll cross my fingers for that.


  3. Kristi

    I seem to remember you are in California, too. Our back patio always floods in a heavy rainstorm, but I do appreciate the precipitation. 🙂


    1. summertimewanderer Post author

      yes…the back yard is actually in enough shade…we need the light..and I like the protection from the rain –I know we need the rain, although the city now says it has too much water and needs to dump some !


  4. herheadache

    I love numbers eight and seven. I know how fast it can brighten a day to see or hear a child. Glad you still get to see her, even with the distance between.
    Quiet time is important, but good luck on your date night and weight loss and all your other goals for 2016.


  5. christine

    The most marvelous thing about the invention of the internet is the ability family now has to stay up-to-date. My older kids were born before social media (well, at least before I was involved in social media), and it was so time consuming to print photos and get them mailed to the grandparents. They only got photos every few months if they were lucky. Not so much with our little kids!
    I would have been spitting mad if I would have been your husband at the DMV. Good for you, finding the positives in the situation.
    Love that photo of your granddaughter sleeping.



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