Dec 19, 2015

Last week was a week of exultation.  Every thing was good in my world.  I couldn’t keep from smiling.  It really is true that family is so important, and when the family is doing well, all is well with the world.  But could it last?  It is hard to say.  I am still feeling hopeful that it is on a good path, but I am sure there will be bumps.

For this weeks TTOT, I cannot help but start with my granddaughter.  I do miss her terribly, but I know she is well, in spite of a record rainfall in Oregon.  Mudslides, flooding and strange events are filling their world, and yet the pictures are beautiful, and my granddaughter is experiencing her first Christmas.


Both sons and daughter seem to be doing well.  Haven’t heard much from son #1 other than they have been busy.  He has to get some paperwork to us, so we can get rid of this car of his, and it is taking more time than it should..but hopefully it will be gone next week.

Dear Son #2 started his job.  They were impressed with his ability and promoted him the first week with a pay raise.  He, however, is not use to working 10 hour days, and when I talked to him on Thursday, he sounded exhausted.  He said he had only slept a few hours this week.  This is the kind of thing I worry about.  He doesn’t really get that you HAVE to get to bed and get some sleep, and be disciplined and get your lunch made the night before.  It is things most people take for granted, but he has had difficulties in the past, and this part of it could be his downfall.  I will keep my prayers going that they are patient with him and teach him what to do.

My daughter messaged me, but apparently her phone has been out.  That happens when the money is gone.  I know they are struggling, but I need to let them struggle.  I have helped much in the past, but it is time to let go and let them deal with it.  They will do it, but it won’t be easy. They are together and happy, so that is enough to be grateful for.

I got through a week of working at a middle school. Normally, it wouldn’t seem like much of a thankful, but the week before winter break is full of tests, papers and parties.  This can set off the kids that I work with.  We seemed to get through it all.  I gave my student three pencils one day and the next day he had none.  That is typical.  So grateful for the break.

I ate myself sick this past week at work.  I am grateful that I only gained about two pounds.  I feel like I never want to eat again, and yet today somehow I managed to down a goodie. Well, next week, will be the diet time !

My parents are doing ok.  Dad was in the hospital again last week trying to get rid of an infection with antibiotics.  He does seem better than before, but it is a process.

Mom had a good time this week, with Christmas parties at the facilities.  I guess the party in the memory care section, was nice, but my caregiver, said the one for the assisted living was even nicer.  I do wish they would include people like my mom that are not a real problem upstairs with the others, but at least she had some nice times.  Sad she doesn’t remember them.   But I am grateful that she is being watched and is doing ok.

The facility she is in managed to get mom a new lift chair.  It is really nice with heat and massage in the chair.  I think it will be so good for her.  It will take someone from the facility turning the heat and massage on, as she won’t remember how to do it, but at least it is there.

I was going to mention, that with all my excitement this past week, I did have some guilt feelings.  I know I was feeling like things were going so well for us, and yet there are so many in the world in such need.  This goes from refugees far away to local events of homelessness and hopelessness.  I know I have little effect on the events of the world, but I am extremely grateful for the good things happening in my world.


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