Walking on Sunshine Dec. 11 2015

There are days that finding gratitude is difficult, and days that seem like there is plenty, but it just doesn’t feel like it is all THAT great.  Today is a day I am walking on Sunshine…excited, hopeful, grateful and in an amazing place, and I keep singing this song….


Hopefully that will be Walking on Sunshine by Belinda Carlisle .

A few years ago during a Christmas eve service, the minister said that we needed to pray for the unimaginable.  He was saying that miracles happen all the time.  What was it that we wanted?  Put it in God’s hands.  I thought.  My life seemed to be such a mess.  I just prayed that God would put his hand in it and bring my family to a better place.  Today, I feel like so much has happened, it is hard to imagine that all this would have happened.

My number one son, has a good job, a girlfriend, and at least a couple of car projects he loves.  He is getting rid of the first project car, but he is dealing with that well.  All in all, he is happy.  I can’t say everything is perfect, but it is a work in progress, and he is headed in the right direction.

My second son, called yesterday.  He has a job and starts on Monday.  This isn’t just another in a string of crummy jobs.  This is a union job training to be a welder.  It comes with a livable wage and benefits. This is a kid that has struggled for the last 15 years.  This is seeing him sober and with a real future.  There is so much hope and joy with this news.  I cannot even begin to tell you how this has made my heart soar. 12096451_10208406598669385_772342446558695083_n  jeff visit Oct. 8th 2015 005

My daughter is in Oregon.  They are starting out a struggling young family.  They have been hit with torrential rains this week.  But I love seeing them so very very happy.

This week I managed to set up skype on one computer, so we can talk with my daughter and the baby.  It is really an amazing thing…this technology that can make us seem not so far away.  My granddaughter was all smiles as she saw me on the computer.


My daughter said she put the little white beard under her chin, and Kayla put it over her mouth.   I swear she knew this was funny, and did this on purpose !

My son, that just got the job, has hopped a train and will be down here at midnight.  I will pick him up from the train, and tomorrow, we will get some things done that he needs to do before starting this job.  He will leave early Sunday morning, so it will be a quick visit.  When asked what he wanted to eat Sat. night, he said…oh..mashed potatoes and creamed hamburger.  How easy is that !

I am making him some goodies to take home.  A few cookies and banana bread.  How I enjoy cooking for him, as I know he will enjoy it.

My husband was sharing at his AA meeting about he son, and the son getting sober in Sept. and struggling, and how this is turning out so well, and so many people came up to him and thanked him for sharing.  There are lots of people out there struggling, and we will probably have good days and bad days.  This is a good day.

I got to leave work early today, so that I could start my baking !  How can I not be grateful for that !

I have been struggling and struggling trying to get hospice to put my dad back on a medication that I thought would help him, as it has helped him in the past.  They wouldn’t do it.  They basically gave two reasons.  One, they felt it was his time to pass, and they were not there to do anything else.  I kept saying that it was not, because I have seen this situation before, but they wouldn’t do anything.  They also said they felt his blood pressure was too high, and they wouldn’t give him this medication, because they felt it would give him a heart attack.  Well, this is strange, because the medicine might also help him get well, and if it did give him a heart attack, them this would be over anyway, and not dragged out.  Anyway, I got rid of hospice and asked for the doctor at the facility.  He agreed that my dad could go on low dose of the medicine.  With one dose today, my dad sat up and ate his lunch and then commented on something that no one thought he would remember.  Yes, I feel vindicated.

I think that is more than ten things.  But that is how this week is..and yes, I am walking on Sunshine today…and don’t it feel good !!!  I will enjoy the moment.  If all this falls apart and nothing is good tomorrow, I had this day.




11 thoughts on “Walking on Sunshine Dec. 11 2015

  1. valj2750

    I love that song. Seems like a time of lots of answered prayers and I’m so glad your Dad is doing better. I’m glad you followed your instincts and let the doctor dose your Dad. Enjoy the season. Sending good wishes for your son at his new job.


  2. Vanessa D.

    I honestly wanted to hit a “like” button on every one of your thankfuls this week. I am so happy that everything is going well all at once for you. Good for you on insisting your father get needed medication, I can understand to a certain extent the way hospice is thinking, but improving the quality of however many days your father has here is still important.


  3. lrconsiderer

    HUGE GLITTERING SKYFULS OF SUNSHINE! What a truly glorious list. I’m so so glad that your family seem to all be on the roads towards better days, and better THEM’s, and that you’ve been able to keep going, keep supporting them, and see the fruits of your determination. Lovely.


  4. dyannedillon

    I’m so happy to hear you’ve had such a great week! Such good news about all three of your kids, and that granddaughter is just so darling! Skype would be wonderful to use when your family is far away. And good news for your dad as well, and way to go, standing up and making sure he got the care you know he needs.


  5. herheadache

    I have a friend who is going far away after New Year’s and I will miss talking to her. I hope we can stay in touch over Skype too. I have known her daughter since she was weeks old only and I will miss seeing her, both of them.
    Glad your children are all doing well. Nothing makes a mother happier.
    Those baked goods for your son sound delicious.



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