Where do I start? Dec 4th 2015

There is so much going on, taking me in so many directions, that it seems hard to know where to start.  I did miss a week, so I should have to do 20 things, but I will try to do the 10. Like I said, I can’t keep my mind going in one direction, so I do expect this to be all over the place.

My oldest son came down from Seattle with his girlfriend for Thanksgiving and to pick up his shell of a car.  He has more car projects than he needs, but I will get back to that story later.  It was good to have them down.  We stopped by to see my parents, and it was a fairly good day.

Thanksgiving Nov 26 2015 002

Then it was on to the Thanksgiving feast.  It went better than I thought, with plenty of good food, and a nice time with the son and girlfriend. It is nice to spend time with them as adults. dinner Nov 26 2015 001

The girlfriend has some serious medical conditions, and I was worried that she would be sick, but she seemed to enjoy her time here.  My son spent so much time showing her old photo albums and all things that were from where he grew up.  He also tried to clean up a few things around. So glad the time went well for her.  She was missing her puppy and her family, but all in all, I think she did well.

The next step was for my son to get a way for him to tow his shell of a car back to Seattle.  He insisted that his car was strong enough to tow it up there.  I raised my doubts, but he thought it would work.  Now, when would a young man listen to his mother on the matter of automobiles, of which he is an expert.  I was being very thankful to see the shell going away.  This was a project that he started in high school, but between college and moving and working, the car had sat in our garage for much too long.

Ryan and Tiffany Nov 27, 2015 002

Then time for one more dinner out.  We headed for a really nice place down in Balboa Park.  We had hoped to sit out on the patio, and have a nice walk around the park, but it was rainy and cool.  I was disappointed, but we did have a lovely dinner in a very unique place.  He had requested that we all go out to eat here, so I was happy we were able to have this night together.

Ryan and Tiffany Nov 27, 2015 004

Ryan and Tiffany Nov 27, 2015 005

The next morning, my son wanted to get up at 2:30 am to get on the road, and to beat the traffic, especially through L A.  It was hard to get everything together and packed up and ready to go, but they did it, and off they went.  At this point, I am feeling grateful for a wonderful week with them, but the story isn’t over yet.

As they are leaving, my son says “I was trying to avoid traffic, and here it is at 3 am?”  And as they were pulling out of our very quiet neighborhood, here comes the EMTs, and I notice the lights are on across the street.  I figured it was the man, who has had some heart issues, in the past.  To my surprise, it was the wife.  (At this point I will jump ahead in the story).  It turns out that she has a benign brain tumor, and is having surgery as I am writing this.  Apparently, she has had it for 25 years, but it is now grown big enough to cause her balance and speech issues.  I am grateful for the doctors that know how to deal with these issues.

Later that morning, we get a call, that my son is broken down in east L.A. If you know anything about L.A., this is not an area you want to be broken down in.  Apparently a back wheel came off the car being towed, and is somewhere on the freeway.  They had to get off the freeway, with sparks coming off the car being towed, and steam coming out from the car towing.  Scary stuff.  Now, the question came of what to do.  They couldn’t very well just leave the car shell in east L.A. while looking for parts, and he has begun to wonder if he could tow this for another 18 hours up and down mountain passes.  My husband was off playing tennis, but I managed to get a hold of him, and when he came home, he figured out how to get parts, but it meant a trip to Oceanside.  By the time we figured all this out and made it happen, it was about 6 pm in L.A.  My son and girlfriend and my husband, then headed home for a two hour drive in heavy traffic, dropped the car, and took the tow lift back.  My son decided to sell the shell.  I am so very thankful that no one was injured in all of this mess.  It was an exhausting day, but so glad to have him back with us for the night.  However, that did mean a few hours of sleep, and to start this all over again, without the car shell.

The next day they headed off on the 20 hour drive.  He was suppose to be back at work at 2 pm on Monday.  The choice then became, do they drive straight through, try to make it to work, and then being so tired on the job, that you risk making a mistake that could get you fired?  Or do you try to let them know that you will be a day late, and hope they don’t fire you for not getting back at time.  He picked taking his time, driving carefully and taking the chance of missing a day of work.  We didn’t hear from them for a couple of days, and they only went a little over half way the first day.  Luckily, the company was good about letting him take the extra day without pay and not firing him for being late getting back.  I am so grateful they got back safe and sound, and that he still has a job.

My son told me to send a good picture of the car, and he would put it up on ebay for sale.  I did, and within a day it had sold for his asking price.  We still have to figure out how we get the money and get the car to the buyer. But this will not be sitting near my house much longer.

mustang for sale nov 30 2015 005

It is sad to see his dream of a project not get finished, but I am grateful to move on to other things.

There were several other things that happened this week.  I have had to deal with more health issues of my parents.  I am taking dad off of hospice, and putting him on palliative care.  I am not sure how that will work out, but so far, and I grateful for the help I have been getting and the people that helped me through some difficult meetings.  I have had a couple of afternoons off of work.  I don’t get paid if I don’t work, but I am glad for the extra time I have had.  And mostly, I am grateful for this spectacular sunset.

Dec 3 2015 sunset 001













9 thoughts on “Where do I start? Dec 4th 2015

  1. amycake76

    That is a spectacular sunset. Oh my!
    What a trip! From the 3:00 am departure through all the troubles and the very late arrival! Glad all is sorted now.


  2. herheadache

    Brain surgery is a scary thing. Hope for wellness for the neighbour and lots of care for both parents. With so much hardship, the beauty is in a sunrise or a sunset, still, and always.


  3. May

    I can completely see why he held onto the dream of restoring that car for so long. It would be awesome, but this did kind of feel like a sign.


  4. Clark Scottroger

    holy smoke! like a plot of a movie! timing changing slightly and un-likely event occurring, all against the backdrop of your parents (and their care)! remind me to never again say, ‘man! today is sooo boring’
    glad it all had a happy ending


  5. valj2750

    The sunset photo is beautiful. I do enjoy spending time with my adult children as well. I’m glad the car situation turned out well. It’s funny how those adult children leave home, but leave half of their belongings behind for us to store. Enjoy the holidays.


  6. christine

    I’ll be praying for your neighbor. I imagine that sort of surgery is way better now than what they could have done 25 years ago. Of course, I have no medical background, so I’ll just pray.
    Yay for finally getting the car out of your garage, but what a terrible hassle to get to that point. If your son and his girlfriend made it through that without an argument, they are probably meant to be together. 🙂
    I’m glad you all had such a nice time together over the holiday.


  7. Vanessa D.

    That is a heck of a spectacular sunset!

    Sadly sometimes letting go of projects from our youth is a part of growing up. Cars have never been my thing, but I remember the regret I felt when I gave up my fabric and pattern stash after returning to work. I don’t miss it, but at the time it was painful.



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