Nov 7 2015 A month to reflect

November.  A time to be thankful.  I seem to be in a strange place today.  It is a calmness that sees time flowing by, taking it with me.  It has been another stressful week, with life moving on.  Nothing major has changed, and so there isn’t anything drastic to deal with today.  But this week, was a week of stress, so I am trying to relax and enjoy the day. And a time to think of how much things have changed in just a year.  I tried to upload a picture from a year ago today, but for some reason it wouldn’t work.  Seems to be the way my week has gone.  Time to move on.

My daughter, her boyfriend and the baby spent the week in Oregon.  He was job hunting.  He is a skilled welder, and there are quite a few jobs available.  Not all pay enough, but at least there are jobs.  They did find one they want to pursue and they have a tentative start date of Nov. 24th. That will mean a lot of changes for them.  They are very stressed, trying to find a place to live and trying to figure out how they will do all of this.  Gratitude #1 is that he found a job he wants.

Gratitude #2 is that although I will miss having them nearby terribly, I am so happy they are getting away and really starting their life.  There have several difficulties here, and this will be a good place for them to really have their family.  They will also be near my mother-in-law and she is so happy they will be there.  That is nice.  My daughter also has a high school friend that lives near by.  It is nice to know they will have connections there.

Gratitude #3 is that they are moving to Oregon, and not somewhere half way around the world.  We will at least be able to see them on occasion.

This also was a stressful week, on dealing with my parents.  I have them in a facility as mom has Alzheimer disease, and dad has a Parkinson condition.  I also pay a person privately to take care of them there.  You would not think there would be a lot for her to do, but I don’t know what we would do without her.  She called this week, in a panic, because she was having trouble waking dad up. She thought he was about to pass.  Well, they got his morning meds into him, and he came around.  Then, through a long story, turns out that about 20 days last month, they did not give him his medications at night.  That would explain his not doing well, as his blood pressure got to low.  There is much confusion about exactly what happened, how often and why.  Without the caregiver noticing however, I don’t know what would have happened.

Gratitude #4 is that we have the money to pay for the caregiver, and that we have such a caring person to help us.

Gratitude #5 is that dad seemed much better today when I was there.

This week at work, the kids had to write a letter to a person in the military thanking them for serving our country.  As with things, I practiced my writing by also writing a letter.

Gratitude #6  I am not in a war torn country, nor am I in the military trying to fight the fight. I don’t have any family on any front lines, and we are safer here than in many parts of the world.

My oldest son will be here for Thanksgiving.  It won’t be as great a year as some, as I think he will be the only “kid” here, but it will be good to have him here, and he will take some more of his junk back with him including his project car.

Graitude #7 Something to look forward to…Thanksgiving…

Gratitude #8…getting rid of the junk car…I mean the project car…it will be “Awesome”…some day.

Gratitude #9   Everyday I get into my car, I am grateful it continues to run.  I am up to 221,000 miles.

Gratitude #10.  I remembered to do this today !  This is not the most exciting or interesting post, nor did I find a theme that made it extra fun, but it is something accomplished today.  That is good enough for me, today.


9 thoughts on “Nov 7 2015 A month to reflect

  1. dyannedillon

    I know it will be hard to see your daughter and her family move to Oregon, but at least it isn’t Missouri 🙂 It’s good they will have a support system there with friends and your MIL already living there.
    It really is important for anyone in the hospital or a nursing home to have an advocate. It’s a sad thing for patients who don’t. Bless your parents’ caregiver and her attentiveness!
    We have one car nearing 200,000 miles and one at about 150,000, and no prospects for newer ones anywhere on the horizon. Mostly, I just turn the radio up to hide any troubling engine noises and hope for the best!


  2. ivywalker

    Omg… Thank goodness for that caretaker. When my dad was in nh i was there daily as an advocate…thank God you have such a wonderful person and the resources to do that! Best to your daughter on her new adventure… And Oregon is a great place to visit so theres that i guess… And may that car keep running!!! I feel you with that one!!!


  3. Clark Scottroger

    …not the most exciting or interesting post, nor did I find a theme that made it extra fun, but it is something accomplished today.” for me, it is the fact of people sending in Posts written deliberately for this bloghop, that’s 99% of the benefit… the community, as Lizzi would say, is the point.
    Cars that last over 200k are good things, too!


  4. christine

    I wonder what it will be like when my kids are adults. While I’d be thrilled for them to settle nearby, I want them to have some adventure and fun, too. My husband and I sure did! The best of luck to your daughter!
    Thank God for your parents’ caregiver!
    Your comments about the “awesome someday” junk car had me smiling. 🙂


  5. herheadache

    I too like to find a common theme for each of my TToT posts every week. This doesn’t always work out like I’d like it to. Accomplshing something is better. You got through the week and shared it here. Thanks for that. I am just thankful so many of you decide to share your weeks with me through this blog hop. Yours is one I enjoy learning about each time.


  6. Vanessa D.

    I have an adult child who sometimes litters my yard with his ‘projects’ so I can understand your relief that it will soon be gone. Thank goodness for your caregiver. It is sometimes shameful the way elderly are not well-cared for in the places that are supposed to be for them.


  7. Kristi

    I think that being able to find gratitude in normal, everyday life is a more valuable skill than being able to find gratitude in exciting, interesting times. So glad that the caregiver was able to be there to discover the problem with the meds!


  8. Pat B

    Glad your Dad was doing better, and that you have a caregiver who figured out what the problem was. I think I can certainly understand the stress you were probably having. (My Mom also has Alz. and is in a nursing home.) I’m glad your daughter’s boyfriend has found a job, but I’m sure that you will miss them.



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