A moment in time Oct. 10 2015

It happens in the blink of an eye.  Be grateful for today, as tomorrow isn’t promised.  Mindfulness. Enjoy the moment.  My, how quickly things change.  Isn’t that what we all deal with?   Enjoying the moment.  How do you enjoy the moment. How do you not want more? How do you not think about how long it has been since I last saw you, or how long will it be again?  How can you hold onto this exact joy, and not be sad that you don’t have that moment again. This is the week that I want to hold on to. This is the week, that I wish every week could be like.

But Wait. There were things I wished I could have changed.  Why didn’t I take the whole day off of work to enjoy it more?  Why didn’t I spend more time enjoying it?  Why didn’t I find a way to make it last more? Do you see how quickly we can go from, this is wonderful, to wanting more, not appreciating what we have?  With that I will start the TTOT, and think about how wonderful it was, and not what I don’t have today.

10) Holding onto the sunset.  I went for my usual walk this week.  Just around the block.  But this time, the sun was setting, and I thought to myself, that I would walk a bit further and go to the top of the hill, where you can see out to the ocean and you can watch the sun set.  As I turned the corner, the view took my breath away.  It was stunning.  Oh, how I wished I had my camera.  I wished I could have captured that picture.  I wished I could hold on to that exact moment for a few days.  No problem, right?  The sun will set tomorrow and I can come back and take a picture then.  I know I wouldn’t have the same cloud formation.  It wouldn’t be the exact same thing.  But how different could it be?

The next day, I set out to take pictures.  While on my walk, I think to myself, I have this one tree I love.  I need to take a picture of it.  I lift up my camera. Nothing. Nothing,except a sign, “Change your batteries.”  WHAT???  I just did that about two weeks ago.  So there is something wrong either with the camera or the batteries.  Trying not to let the “gratefulness for the sunset” feeling leave, I calmly, state, that I am not that far from the house.  I still have time.  Time to go home, change the batteries and make it to the sunset.  That is what I did.  Head home, change the batteries. Then to rush to the top of the hill.  The clouds are not the same.  The sunset is not breath taking.  STOP ! Appreciate the moment. Live in the moment. Enjoy the moment.  Be grateful for what you have. Mindfullness.

Just then a guy walks to the top of the street with his guitar.  He sits on the barricade and plays beautiful music on his accoustical guitar. He reminds me of my son.  I stop and listen and look.  This sunset.  This sunset is beautiful and should be appreciated.  This sunset is special. I have music I didn’t have yesterday.  I have the sounds of the high school football game.  It is homecoming night.  The crowd is happy.  I can hear the band and the cheers of the crowd. I hear the beautiful guitar music. Enjoy this moment.  Last night is gone.  Today is here.  Mindfullness.  What do you hear?,

Oct. 10 2015 Thankful pictures 001

9) Not all things work out perfectly.  After all that, I came back and took a look at the picture I did get, and it wasn’t very good.  But I must remember the moment was good.  The moment was worth it. I did get some sort of a picture and I can remember that moment.

8)  It happened finally.  My son made it down here.  Now, that may not seem like a big deal to many, but it was a big deal.  I won’t go into all the details, but my son has not been here in a long time.  I knew this wouldn’t last long.  He arrived Monday night and left on Thursday morning. Two days. Not even two days really.  I worked in the morning, and took off in the afternoon.  He brought his girlfriend and her dog.  Oh, we have so many stories.  Her dog walked in and shortly thereafter peed on the furniture.  She was mortified.  Luckily, nothing in my house is expensive or worth worrying about.  It was just a chair.  It actually was pretty funny.  I am happy to see them.  I will live in the moment.  I will enjoy each and every story. jeff visit Oct. 8th 2015 003 jeff visit Oct. 8th 2015 007

7)  My son finally got to meet his niece.  His heart melting upon meeting her.  There are no words that can express how glad I am he got to meet her.  This is a moment worth holding on to for as long as I can. She loved to try and pull on his beard.

jeff visit Oct. 8th 2015 004 jeff visit Oct. 8th 2015 005

6)  I made food.  My son and his girlfriend are starving artists.  They really are starving.  They got ecstatic that there were cookies and breads and bacon and eggs and seven layer bean dip and cheesecake. It was wonderful to have someone to cook for.  There were no complaints from them.  There wasn’t any wishing for more or less.  There were tons of thanks.  I am sure they wished they could hold onto all this food for longer, but at least they did have some to take home.

pumpkin bread Oct. 3rd 2015 001 snickerdoodles Oct. 4 2015 001

5) The walk on the beach.  Now, I live about 20 minutes away from the beach.  It would be possible to walk on the beach every day.  But then, I think to myself, I will get stuck in traffic, and I will have to pay for parking.  I will have to go alone.  This week I went with the family. It was wonderful.  I saw a family with a little girl, that reminded me of my friend’s little girl.  She was dressed in an adorable sundress. She ran into the ocean, and her parents, watching her, at first, said something about her dress, and they STOPPED.  They enjoyed the moment, and they let her just have fun.  It was just a dress.  The joy she got from running in the waves could not be replaced.  I thought of all the kids at home playing video games or competing on a team.  They could not be having the fun this little girl was enjoying the moment.   This made me so happy to see and I will hold onto that moment.

4)  The walk on the beach part 2.  The time we spent together on the beach was worth a second moment of gratitude.  My daughter got to connect with her brother in the way she wanted.  My granddaughter got to experience the ocean.  She will not remember it, but she had fun. My son got to enjoy walking on the beach, the waves, the wind in your face.  It was a moment I would love to hold onto.

jeff visit Oct. 8th 2015 008 jeff visit Oct. 8th 2015 010 jeff visit Oct. 8th 2015 015

3) The food.  I am constantly on a diet.  I have been for several years now. I have lost 100 pounds, and put a few back on and then lost a few.  I am now 90 pounds lighter than I was at my heaviest.  This is something to celebrate, but it is a constant struggle for me. I want to enjoy the food around me.  I want to enjoy the moment.  My kids are here and we are having special dinners, but I do not ever want to put that weight back on, and every week there is another excuse of things to eat. I really did enjoy the meals.  It meant balancing.  I ate a bite of everything.  I also took care of my fussy granddaughter, so my kids could relax and enjoy the meal.  I wasn’t able to really spend the time, trying to enjoy the food. I ate too quickly. But it wasn’t about the food anyway.  It was about the time we were spending together.  I will be trying to hold on to that moment.


2) Sobriety.  My son is sober today.  I am sure it is a struggle.  He didn’t talk about it a lot.  I tried to start conversations about how he was going to handle this. How was he going to get help. He has spent way too many years in a fog.  It was hard not to just turn it over to him.  I will be working on that. I will enjoy THIS exact moment of clarity and sobriety.

1) Now, for just a fun one.  My granddaughter was sitting up by herself this week.  She was sitting on the couch. She was so adorable.  Just sitting there, playing with a washcloth.  Cooing. This was a moment that you really wanted to hold onto. But wait.  What is that I smell?  She either farted or pooped.  That is the real world.   My daughter picked her up.  She had pooped all over the couch. Yes, it was true baby poop, everywhere.  Thank goodness, nothing I have is worth worrying about.  We cleaned up the baby, and yes the couch got cleaned up. It is all good.  Enjoy the moment. You never know when poop will happen.

jeff visit Oct. 8th 2015 017

I am reminded of an old movie, this week.  I do not remember the title, but the theme is well etched in my mind.  It is the story of a man traveling along.  He goes over a bridge and finds a town. This is a town like no other. This town is not on his map.  He meets a young lady and falls in love immediately.  He soon finds out that this town only exists about once a century when certain things happen.  He has a choice.  He can stay in the town and only exist once in a century. He can come out and dance and sing and have a wonderful day, or he can cross the bridge and stay in the real world.  The love he has met does not have that choice. She is stuck in this town. She can only exist for a day and yet she will live forever.  If he goes back he can only remember this brief moment.  He cannot hold onto time.  There will be no other moments like this. He wants this moment, this feeling to last forever.  How can he enjoy this moment, knowing it will soon disappear. Isn’t that what we all do everyday.  Look to the future. Build for the future. But live in the moment.  A moment in time.


14 thoughts on “A moment in time Oct. 10 2015

  1. christine

    I am so glad you were able to spend some time with your son! Even if it was only a few days. Looks like you all took advantage of the time together. You have a great attitude. No worries about the furniture or the pretty dress. They are just things. Things that can be washed.
    You made snickerdoodles!! Our family’s favorite cookie.


  2. herheadache

    Wow. Beautiful. This is what the TToT was made for.
    I am sure the beach was a wonderful help to your son and his struggles.
    This post is a true reminder to enjoy the moment, not trying to catch every one in pictures,but just revel in it when it is happening. Another is sure to be on its way soon, but just in case.


  3. valj2750

    There were so many beautiful moments in your week. And you can hold on to them always in your memory. It’s amazing how difficult it is to stay in the present; our thoughts, worries and questions flood our minds with unnecessary static, and you did a great job this week. You know I love the beach – a place for reconnection, love and peace. I struggle with the weight yo-yo and often have to look at how far I have come versus how far I have to go. Hope the moments of next week are as wonderful.


  4. Clark Scottroger

    very excellent post…could identify with the entire first section (“It happens in the blink of an eye. Be grateful for today, as tomorrow isn’t promised. Mindfulness. Enjoy the moment.“) It sounds like your efforts at mindfulness (no! not a contradiction in terms…lol) were successful.

    #3 congratulations…changes on that scale seem to require a re-ordering of one’s frame of reference, to one degree or another… not for the faint of heart (or intent)…. while not of the magnitude you describe, over at the Gravity Challenge we often reflect on the benefits of focusing on the now and all…


  5. Pingback: TToT: Thanks and Thankfuls – That Was Awesome! #10Thankful | Her Headache

  6. dyannedillon

    So much wonderfulness in this post! First, I LOVE Brigadoon! One of my very favorite movies, and it describes your week so well. I think some of my best memories are ones where there are no pictures to back them up. So glad your son came after all, and that he and his girlfriend appreciated all the delicious food you made for them. I wish for strength for him to stay sober. And congratulations on your weight loss! That’s truly amazing!


  7. Pat B

    You have a wonderful way of writing about your TToT. I loved reading your post. What a great reminder to all of us. Enjoy the moment. I’m so glad you are able to see the progress your son is making in his life, and that you had some time to be with him. I’m sure he and his girlfriend will enjoy taking home some or your wonderful goodies too.


  8. amycake76

    There is so much joy here in your living in the moment. That walk sounds so incredibly peaceful and the visit from your son, though brief, sounds like it was wonderful.



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