Waiting and looking for happiness….Oct. 3rd 2015

I am late.  Here it is past time to post, and I am just getting started.  Maybe a shorter note?  Maybe, maybe.  I need some ideas.  I need to feel the gratitude.  I am happier today for others, than for myself.  Maybe it is ok, just to be happy for others today.

10)  I am grateful and happy that some people that only knew each other on-line got to meet.  I know I have done that.  It always sounds good, then when it comes down to it, I get so nervous.  What if after all this time of “being friends”, we find out that the other person is really not a very good person !  What will we actually talk about for a few hours?  Is this really a good idea?  The times I have done it, it has worked out well, and I am so glad we got to meet, but the nerves on the day are strange.  Wouldn’t I have picked up on it before, if the person was not very nice?  Anyway, I am happy for the ones that met up and hope it was a great day.  I will be waiting to read some great stories and blogs.  What fun that will be.

9)  I am happy for my dad, that he seems to be doing somewhat decent.  It isn’t wonderful, and he still cannot really walk.  He apparently did try to get up on his own and get into his chair by himself.  This is not a good idea, and it usually leads to a fall.  He said he will be more careful.  I doubt it, but I am grateful that he felt good enough to try and get up. I am waiting for that miracle cure. I don’t expect it to come today, but I hold out hope for the future.

8) I am so very grateful and happy for the people that take care of my parents.  I am sure it is a lousy paying job, and not very easy.  They need to hire so many more people to be there for the people.  There is always someone yelling “I need help.”  or “I want to go to my room”.  The people there stay upbeat and cheerful.  I couldn’t.

7) My son.  I am grateful that he seems to be at least in a good mood.  He says he will be down here this next week.  He said that last week too, but I think this time it will happen. I am making pumpkin bread right now, planning that he will be here.  I am grateful for him…that he has good people around him, and that he is trying to make a better life. He says he is happy.  He will be much happier when he gets to eat pumpkin bread and cheesecake and snickerdoodle cookies next week! I will be waiting for his arrival and hoping he is happy to be here and that it doesn’t become stressful for him.

6) I am happy to see my granddaughter so happy.  Saw a video online of her getting to eat sweet potatoes.  She was ecstatic!  She so wants to eat everything.  I am happy to see her so happy and healthy and doing well.  I will be waiting for more pictures on the internet.  I can’t get enough of those !

5) I am happy for the kid I am an aide for at school.  He had a decent week.  He got his word processor back and we are working on getting things he can type.  He has a terrible time writing with a pencil and middle school is full of taking notes, and writing.  He was having a melt down this year, but something went better this week.  I have a suspicion it was a medication issue, but I have no way to know.  I just know his focus and attitude this week was better and it made for a better week for him.  I am grateful for that.  I will be waiting to see if this lasts, and praying it only improves.

4) The Zoo.  Who cannot be grateful for the Zoo.  I had a day off of work this week and my husband and I were able to take my granddaughter to the Zoo.  She really is too young to care, and she really didn’t even look at the animals, but she enjoyed being out with the people and being strolled around. This is THE world famous San Diego Zoo, and it is wonderful to see all the foreigners enjoying the park.  You go there and listen to the languages.  You hear German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, and I am sure a lot of languages I cannot even figure out.  I am happy for all the people that they get to enjoy such a glorious place. My granddaughter had a blast charming a group of Germans.

3)  A cool breeze.  Not much of one, but a cool breeze.  It is making so many people feel so much better !  I am happy that so many are getting some relief from the endless heat we have had.  There is a major air show going on as I am typing.  It is at the local air base.  I can hear the planes flying.  So many people sitting out in the sun.  It should be a perfect day for them all.  I am happy they are all having fun, and I am happy I am not in the crowd.  I have gone to the show before, and it is fun, but I am not up to sitting in the sun on the tarmac today.  I hear the people on the East Coast with too much rain and us, not enough.  I do pray we get cooler temperatures and some rain. I will be waiting and looking for the breeze at least.

2) The crepe guy.  I tried to decide if I would go get a crepe today.  It is a thing I do with my special friend.  Well, my friend move back to her other town.  That is hard to explain.  They use to live here, but they sold their house, bought a condo near here, and a house far away.  They went to the other place for about nine months. Then they came back here for a couple of months, and now they have gone back to the big house.  Going out for crepes is not as much fun without my friend, but the crepe guy is amazing.  Not only does he make incredible crepes, but he makes so many people happy.  He has the perfect personality for this.  He gets to know everyone.  The line to his crepe stand is always packed.  We always feel bad for all the other people trying to sell food.  It isn’t just about the crepe, but it is about the guy.  He makes so many people happy with his crepes and friendly conversation. I must find a new friend that wants to experience the crepe guy.  I will be looking and waiting for that opportunity to arrive.

1) I am happy for me that I made it through another week.  It hasn’t been the easiest week.  I am struggling with so many issues. Not sure which way to turn.  For me, just making it through a week is enough.  I will try and be grateful with that.  I just finished reading Erin’s blog about trying to teach her daughter gratitude.  We are reminded of all the people fleeing war, and facing dangers.  We see shootings, and hate.  We see people trying to prove how tough they can be, instead of how kind they can be.  I see people at work that pretend to be nice, but are really not all that nice. I see kids at lunch that are pretty mean.  There are tables and you know who can sit at what table and who can’t.  I have a boss that wouldn’t do anything to help me, and really doesn’t say anything to me if he can help it.  So, yeah, I will just be happy that I made it through another week. I will be waiting and looking for happiness.


7 thoughts on “Waiting and looking for happiness….Oct. 3rd 2015

  1. valj2750

    Sharing gratitude every week will change your life for the better. I’m glad that you linked up. Hope things continue in the positive realm. Just thinking about pumpkin bread fills me with cinnamon and spice. Yum.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vanessa D.

    Fresh baking and someone to bake for are one of life’s pleasures. I am so glad you are going to have that opportunity this week. There are times where life is hard and all we can do is keep on keeping on. It’s good that you can still be happy for others.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. dyannedillon

    I’m sorry you’ve had a rough week. I’m with you on working with the elderly; I’m very grateful for people who can do that, because I’m not one of them. Glad to hear your dad is adapting to the care center.
    I hope your son is able to make it home and that he has a stress-free visit. Pumpkin bread cures a lot of what ails a person.


  4. herheadache

    Crapes and pumpkin bread sound lovely.
    Glad you have a breeze. I have only been to the west coast once, but I hope you get rain there soon. We over here would share, if we could.


  5. christine

    It takes a special person to not only work in a nursing home, but to do it with a permanent smile on her face. I’m glad your dad has good people helping him.
    Ah snickerdoodles. I foresee myself making lots and lots of these once my kids move out, just to bribe them to visit. 🙂 (Funny how I don’t make them all that often when they actually live with me.)
    i hope this week is going a bit better for you.


  6. Pat B

    Oh, I hope your son shows up to enjoy those wonderful treats with you. The crepe guy must have an amazing attitude as well as delicious crepes! The head nurse where my mother stays at a nursing home told me today that she has taken different job closer to her home city. She is absolutely wonderful and I am going to miss her a lot, but I’m confident that whoever is her replacement will be just as good. All the people who work there are incredibly on their toes, but I am sure there are times they wish they could clone themselves. I hope you have a better week, and get some cooler weather and some of that much needed rain.



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