Seriously,…TTOT Sept 25 2015

Seriously, it is the end of the week already?  What have I done to make this a worthwhile week?  I am dealing with a serious case of the blahs. I have had so many inspiring ideas thrown right in front of me this week, and I have done nothing about them.  Is it the fault of the heat?  Too many problems to deal with ?  My head feels like it is going to explode.  I cannot figure out what I have to do first.  I will procrastinate on a few of those, by trying to get some writing done, even though I started, but haven’t finished one load of laundry: started, buy haven’t finished the bill paying; started, but haven’t finished any picking up/cleaning: started, buy haven’t finished up  a problem that is too complicated to explain.  On and on they go, the myriad of things that keep my head spinning, my wheels spinning and me going no where.

10.  My daughter’s birthday weekend.  She always celebrates in a good way, making it a fun weekend.  She doesn’t include me anymore, but I do enjoy getting to see pictures on facebook, and we will do something with them at some time, I assume.  This weekend they are camping for a couple of days, and getting a condo in the woods for a couple of days.  I am glad to see her having a good time.  Seriously, she does make me smile.kayla gives out Aug 26th 2015 003

9.My son that has been having problems says he and his girlfriend are coming down for a couple of days. There are long explanations that probably should be made as to why I am happy, nervous, excited and anxious to see him.  Hopefully, it will go well. Seriously, I will be happy to see him.

IMG_1483_2 (2) IMG_1487_2 (2)

8). I have been dealing with a sore throat/ cough/ headachy/ yucks lately.  Not enough to be really “sick”, but I did take off work today, and I am grateful to have some quiet time, and I am getting some things done that I have been trying to do for a long time.  I even got up to the social security office to deal with some paperwork stuff.  This just means that I can continue on with more paperwork issues that need to be resolved, but at least I got the paperwork I need to get more paperwork done ! Seriously, if anyone can understand all that, you should work at the social security office !

7).  I need to be grateful that my oldest has been very sweet as of late.  He is an odd person. If you have ever watched the television show “The Big Bang Theory” and thought that people like Sheldon don’t really exist, you haven’t met my son.  I would think that if he was in school today, he would be identified as autistic.  He does not understand how humans relate to each other.  If you are a machine, every thing makes perfect sense to him.  He does like the human contact, but it is not easy for him.  Between that, and him having to deal with many things in his own life, he hasn’t always taken the time to do the extra for people.  He is in a better place right now, and he has sent such sweet little things lately.  I am happy he is doing well, but he seriously needs to get rid of some of the cars he is working on.  He has way too many projects and not enough time.

IMG_0466 IMG_1447 IMG_1631

6) Work.  I have a job. Seriously, it isn’t anything exciting or wonderful and I can’t say I am making a difference in anyone’s life.   It is a job.  I am grateful to have it.  I went to social security today and I have enough credits to get social security.  That is awesome.  The paltry money my work would give me is nothing compared to this.  It isn’t much, but I am happy to have a job to go to, and to be able to get some social security.  It won’t be enough to live off of or do the things I want to do, but it will help.

5).Pictures.  How can anyone seriously not be made happy by finding odd pictures from the past ??


4) Air Conditioning.  I am so very, so seriously, grateful to have air conditioning this weekend.  I will pay for it later, when the bill arrives and I think it wasn’t probably THAT hot; and maybe I could have gone without it to save a little.  But for today, I am so very happy to be sitting here in comfort.  I am so sorry for those without today.

3) Maria Shriver. Seriously, Maria Shriver.   I would seriously love to be Maria Shriver.  I know that money doesn’t solve all your problems, and I remember Maria Shriver standing in front of cameras devastated when her mother passed from Alzheimer.  She has, however, shown strength in dealing with her life in front of the world.   Seriously, if I could not be Maria Shriver, I would love to be her best friend.  I am grateful that she continues to show how to live a good life.  Yes, she has the resources that many do not, but she also has probably more problems than others do.

2) Writing.  I am grateful to be writing.  I do, however, have to say, I would love to be writing on topics of interest to the world.  Let me deal with world hunger, the need to deal with the Syrian Refugees, and how to deal with racial and religious intolerance.   Instead I worry and write about how my week went. I have to remember that I am doing more writing than I use to, and I will keep on trying to find time and ability to do more.  Seriously, I want to be taken seriously.

1). TTOT…very seriously grateful to have this venue to write for .


16 thoughts on “Seriously,…TTOT Sept 25 2015

  1. valj2750

    A great list of thankfuls. Enjoy the visit with your son. Our grown up children are still so much a part of who we are and what we did. I never thought of Maria Schriver that way, but having someone who exhibits grace and strength is a good role model. Have a good week.


  2. Vanessa D.

    Your photos of your son and his projects remind me of a place my son and I went last night. It’s called Picker’s Pig Pen and the guy has got some of everything to be found there along with a lot of old trucks that he tears down and rebuilds. The place is fascinating. Last week I got a set of hairpin table legs, a table top and a little wicker chair for $20. This week we got a little aquarium (for my son’s turtle he found) and a box for me to keep glass in for $10.


      1. Vanessa D.

        Well I’ve got to say the man who owns the place we went to is one of the happiest guys I’ve ever seen! And he must do all right because he’s younger than me and retired already.


  3. Clark Scottroger

    this is the kind of TToT list that I would like to write… you touch on all the elements of (a person’s) life and it makes sense (as it’s read)… damn! (someday, I be able to do this)…in the meantime I know what you mean about having ideas to write but not quite know where to start!


  4. Christine Carter

    I am so touched by your list of thankfuls. It was really lovely to get a peek into your life and see how you can embrace gratitude despite some difficult goings on. I get the procrastination SO much. Sometimes I am often paralyzed at being so overwhelmed with so many things I ought to/should do… but little by little, there is a slow release as I take those tiny steps toward getting them done.

    I hope you feel better. There is nothing that wilts my spirit more than feeling crappy. 😦 And I wish you well during your son’s visit.


  5. Pat B

    I really like your comments on writing. I can certainly relate.

    To be able to comfortable in an air conditioned home during the hot weather is really a blessing.

    I hope you will be feeling better soon.


  6. Kristi

    You know, even though big topics are important and need to be discussed, I think there is great value in writing about personal life. Perhaps I’m just a hopeless optimist, but I’d like to believe that the everyday lives of individuals can greatly influence those they come in contact with.


  7. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    Hope your visit with your son goes well – may he enjoy continued progress.
    I love your bit of theme here this week – seriously! 😉 So much of what you have here is the stuff of every day life, but that’s where the really great moments live.
    Have a great week!


  8. herheadache

    I wish I could do something about the refugee crisis with my writing as well. I want to make a difference with my writing, to be heard, but I believe this TToT is a good place to start. We are lucky to have AC and I am glad to have heat right now.
    Hope you feel better soon. Think I am getting sick now. It is going around.



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