ttot Aug. 14 2015

Seems like being Thankful today should be a piece of cake !  I just returned from a trip to see my oldest son and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.  Having said that, there were several small catastrophes, so being home should be a wonderful thing.  I would love to have stayed there and to be able to do more things, so I will be working on the being thankful for what I did have, and not what I didn’t.

10) I am thankful that my parents that are ill made it through the two weeks without me here.  There were several problems.  Dad not feeling well, and what would we do about that.  Then dad feeling well, deciding to stand up on his own and falling.  Mom actually being able to go get help, which is surprising, since she is usually not very aware of what to do.  They made it through, and I have to go see them tomorrow.  In some ways taking care of them, is like taking care of strangers, as they are not the people they use to be. Still working on being thankful they are around, and not angry they are a burden and have little enjoyment in life.

9)  I am so thankful for the wonderful care given by my private caregiver.  I was told I was not allowed to have a private caregiver at the facility where my parents  are, and so she is only there “as a friend”.  She has been the one to spot that my mom has hives, and the medicine for that was not being given.  She took dad to get his new hearing aides.  She has been there to let them know how long dad can get up.  How much longer I can afford her on top of the cost of the place is in question, and how do I tell her I can no longer afford her. Still working on being thankful for all she does and not being concerned about the cost.

8) I am thankful for the truck we were able to rent to move stuff up to my son.  It was a Dodge Ram truck, not just a moving truck.  It looked beautiful and ran well, and the air conditioning worked fantastic.  The seats, however, were perhaps the most uncomfortable seats I have ever sat in.  My poor bottom was screaming out at me, and it was difficult to sleep when not driving.  I am thankful that we were able to rent it. Still working on being thankful for the truck and not mad the seats were so bad.

7) I am thankful that when the paint can exploded in the new truck that there wasn’t  more damage and that we are able to look back and laugh at it…so far.  This truly was unbelievable.  We bought a spray can of paint for some work…then put it on the back seat.  A quick stop at the stop light sent the can hurling into the air only to land on the one thing that could puncture it, and having us hearing a hissing sound, a cloud of brown smoke erupting and us, stuck in traffic, unable to move.  We were able eventually to clean it all up, and I have no idea if we will get charged for any damage yet.  Hopefully, it is cleaned up enough. Still working on being thankful we were able to clean it up, and not being mad that these things seem to happen to me all too often !

6) I am so thankful for the time spent with my oldest son.  We don’t get to see him nearly enough. I am glad he has found a girlfriend and I hope things work out for them.  It is amazing to see him even enjoy her dog, as he has not been a dog person ! Still working on being thankful he has someone in his life, and trying not to worry about her health issues and how that will affect them.

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5)  I am thankful for the time spent with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.  I am so glad they are all doing well.  They are very supportive of me, and that is so nice. For this, I am thankful  Still working on wishing we could spend more time doing fun things together.

washington oregon trip Aug 2015 047

4)  I am thankful that my granddaughter is doing well.  I missed her and can’t wait to see her again. 11863211_10206770654562460_8783365037027041126_n

Still working on wishing she would stay near me, as her parents want to move and wishing they were more settled.

3) I am thankful that I have a job to return to next week.  Still working on being thankful for that, as it isn’t the job I want. It is a job, however.  Still working on being thankful for what I have and working on getting what I want.

2) I am thankful that I will get together with my best friend tomorrow.  I am aware that we were suppose to have a lot of time together this summer and that hasn’t happened, and soon she will return to her new town for awhile.  Still working on being thankful for the time we have and trying not to be angry at the time we don’t.

1)  I am thankful for this opportunity to practice writing and seeing where this will go.  Still working on not getting more writing done, not having the opportunity to get paid to write, and still working on thankfulness.


7 thoughts on “ttot Aug. 14 2015

  1. dyannedillon

    I love your description of the paint can exploding. What a comedy of errors that that can would be pierced! Glad you got it cleaned up well enough (hopefully!). You’ve managed to find thankfuls in things that many would not. Hang in there!


  2. Christine

    A good and helpful caretaker is most certainly something for which to be thankful.
    Glad you got to spend some time with so many family members. That certainly makes a week better.
    Enjoy the time with your friend tomorrow. (Or is it today?)


  3. valj2750

    You are certainly the poster child for the sandwich generation. I also loved the paint can story. What are the chances of that ever even happening? A zillion to one, I bet. Your granddaughter is adorable. Enjoy friend time.


  4. amycake76

    Ohmygosh, that paint explosion! What a nightmare! I’m so glad you had some time away for R&R while you felt content with your pa



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