ttot Aug. 1st 2015

My belly is full.  It feels wonderful to have just enjoyed the delight of a peasant crepe and a lemon squeeze crepe.  Both sweet and savory.  How can I not start a list of ten things to be thankful, without thinking about that.  I did have a plan for today, and that plan fell through, like most of my plans for the week.  I had written a blog that I was happy with, and I was going to use that for my ten things of thankfulness, but it really wasn’t a list.  I figured that since I had a good blog, I could spend this week, with a picture blog and put in ten pictures of things I am thankful for.  I took my camera to the crepe guy, and took pictures of the crepes, took pictures of my friend, and took other pictures.  I came home to put the pictures on the computer, and they didn’t take.  I don’t know why.  But that is generally how my week went anyway.   Having only part of my pictures turn out, is like having only part of my week turn out.  Seems appropriate.  And yet I shall use this to make a list of ten things of thankfulness, and challenge myself to make a picture using words !

10) Crepes.  There is a young man from Belgium that makes crepes in the farmers market every week.  His mom started the crepe stand and he has taken it over.  His personality is part of the charm.  He loves to see you each week, and he makes everyone feel like they are his special friend.  “How are you today, madam?”  he says in his charming voice.  “A baby Brie or a Peasant today?” Today was a Peasant crepe, but since we are his “special” friend, he also put a couple of pieces of Brie on there.  That is how he is.  Always something special, for everyone.  Oh, and then a Lemon Squeeze for desert,” but don’t forget to add some strawberries and whipped creme for my friends,” he adds to his assistant.   The sounds of the market settle into the backdrop of wonderful food.

9) A friend.  Not just any friend.  A friend that has been there through thick and thin.  And now a friend that is my “market friend”. She and I share crepes and conversation.  Hopes and dreams and sadness and confusion.  An unsettling time that can somehow be put into a sense of direction with few words.

ttot 001

8) Family.  Let’s just put this one together.  I cannot forget the family, and yet it seems like I should find other things.  I am thankful for my granddaughter, and that my daughter is a good mother, and she takes good care of her baby.  I always knew she would, and I am so glad she is getting this time to be with her baby.

7) I am grateful that my parents are at a place where someone else is watching over them.  It just became too difficult for me to handle.  The care is not as good as the one-on-one that we had, although I am still paying for some of that, but it is a process and I think it will work out.  I am sleeping better, and that is enough to be grateful for.

6) I am thankful that I will be taking a trip to see my son.  It would have been impossible to do without my parents being taken care of, and I am anxious to go.  Anxious is not quite the right word.  We have to take some things up there, and the process of getting ready to go, is intense. What do we take up there, and what do we do with the rest of the stuff?  What car/truck can we use?  How long will this take?  When can we see him?  When will we stop and see my mother-in-law.  What day will be at each place?  Trying to make a schedule so other people can work their schedules around it.

5) A moment of quiet.  No phone calls, no interruption, nothing else I need to go do.  Just a moment of quiet. Just the clacking of the keys of the computer and the sound of the words and the worry leaving my brain.

4) A job to come back to.  It isn’t a very good job, but it is a job.  I need to make more of it this year. Somehow.  I don’t know how. Hopefully, something will work.

3) I am thankful that my husband is doing most of the organizing, packing, sorting, dumping, and generally getting the dirty work done.  It becomes overwhelming for me.  Most of it isn’t my stuff and I don’t feel like I can just toss it.  He pretty much knows what is what and has it organized. He has planned to rent a van, and knows what he can do.  I will be along to help, but it isn’t all on me.

2) My diet.  I am officially at 90 pounds lost from my high weight.  At one point I had lost a total of 100 pounds. Then I went off the diet and gained about 35 pounds back. They said today at my check in that I have three pounds to go to meet my goal. It feels so much better to be thinner.  I still need to build some muscle, but it is getting there.  I have two weeks that I won’t be on my scheduled food, and I think I will gain a few pounds back, so I will probably really have to work at getting them off when I get back, but for today, the weight is down.  This program is not cheap, and I am thankful I can afford it. I didn’t know what I would do for awhile.  It seemed like no matter what I tried, I couldn’t lose the weight.  So wonderful to have something that will work.

1) Hope.  Hope that in the fall, I will be able to do more things. I won’t be quite so tied down and will be able to do some things just for the fun of it.

Ten things of thankfulness for the First of Aug. 2015


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