Ten Things of Thankfullness, July 10th 2015

This has been an exhausting week, emotionally and physically, so today is a day to recuperate.  I haven’t been able to write all week, and I need the time to put thoughts together and think things through, and this process of doing the Ten Things of Thankfulness seems like the perfect place to do it.

1) I am Thankful that I got my parents into a memory care place.  I have a lot of concerns.  I am concerned that they will not be able to handle my dad with his Parkinson-type of condition. I am concerned that my mom will continue to be mad and unhappy.  I keep telling myself this is a process, but I continue to worry that I am making sure that things are handled.

2) I am very very Thankful for the job interview.  I have not heard anything about the other potential job, so if I do get this, I will take it and be very grateful.

3) I am Thankful that the interview went well.  The Principal and teacher seemed like people I could easily work with. I hope I managed to show my enthusiasm and ability to do the job.

4) I continue to be Thankful for my daughter and granddaughter.  (Is that 2 numbers of thankfulness?)  They continue to make me smile.

5) I am thankful that my daughter seems to be a strong person, able to express her feelings to her boyfriend about what she needs to have done.  The situation they are in is not the best.  It isn’t terrible, but there are some changes that need to happen.

6) Even though my dear husband has been driving me slightly nuts this week, going through things at my parents house, I am grateful that he was able to help with this move.  It took a lot of help, and I don’t know what I would have done, by myself.  I received no help from my sisters. I know they live a long way away, but there was little done to help.

7) One of the questions on my job interview this week, was what had I done lately in a professional way to improve or add to my skills.  So, I have to say, I am grateful to this blog and again to  Erin for getting me going.  I said, “Well, I have started to blog.  You know how you always try to start a diary and it goes nowhere?  Well, this is another attempt, but with getting responses, it is much more encouraging and is a way I am working on improving my skills.”  So thank you blog buddies !

8) I am so grateful for the care of my parents main caregiver.  I just received a call, and she is handling so much of what I would have to have done, but in a much better way than I could.

9) I am grateful of the friendship of a certain person.  We have been friends for 30 years, and she is back in town for a few months.  We are planning our day at the farmers market and getting an omelet tomorrow.  That will be so good for both of us.

10) Today is a day to recuperate.  I am glad I have some time to myself, just to let my brain rest. That is my ten things of thankfulness for today.  Now it really is time to rest, even if that rest means getting some laundry done, and a couple of errands.cropped-kayla.jpg


15 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankfullness, July 10th 2015

  1. Christine

    A day to recuperate sounds lovely, even if laundry is involved.
    Taking care of aging parents is so difficult. I’m glad you have a supportive husband and a caregiver to help you through the move, especially since your sisters haven’t been there.
    I hope the job works out! Did you apply to be an aide in a classroom? I have done that and enjoyed it very much. I’ll most likely do it again someday.


  2. ivywalker

    I hope you can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Any one of those things would be draining all on its own… an emotional roller coaster! Have a good week! Good luck with the job success!


  3. Vanessa D.

    I don’t find errands restful at all, but for as much as I complain about doing it sometimes folding laundry can be restful. It takes almost zero thinking and the methodicalness of it lets my mind wander.


  4. Kristi

    My mom moved my grandma into a care center within this past year, and she had similar concerns. It’s been a good placement for my grandma, but I know my mom is very involved in her care, too. Your parents are lucky to have you around to check up on their care. Be sure to take care of yourself, too.


  5. herheadache

    Love number seven.
    I have a friend like you speak of. We have been friends for over twenty years now and I am happy I can be there for her right now, as she is going through something. It is not the way I wanted it to happen, but she is back in my life in a very real way, for a while at least. I am happy to get to know her more as adults, while still remembering all our childhood memories.


  6. Kimberly M (@momgosomething)

    I hope that you did recuperate yesterday. It sounded like you needed a good day to just be.
    Things fell out of place with my friend of 15 years last year. When you mentioned that you were going out with yours it reminded me of the times we would go out. I miss her still. You enjoy your time with her.


  7. valj2750

    Good luck with the job pursuits. You seem to have lots on your plate; worrying about your parents’ care is difficult. I have sisters that live far away and when my mother was battling cancer, one said, “It’s so hard to be far away.” And I really let her have it. It’s much harder to be right in the middle of the situation. Have fun with your friend. One of my favorite stress relievers is hanging out with friends.


  8. Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly

    It’s definitely important to give yourself days off to recuperate. Enjoy the time you have, laundry will still be there tomorrow (it always is..). Knowing that your parents are well taken care off is definitely a load off your shoulders I bet. Enjoy your time off!


  9. MENTALLY ME (@stuckinscared)

    How lovely, that despite your all…and Oh my goodness, what an all, you were able to find so many hopeful, thankful, positives to write about. I hope your Mum and Dads care is settled soon, and wish you all the best with the job securing.


  10. dyannedillon

    I’m glad to hear you got your parents settled into their care facility. Hoping for a smooth transition for you and them. I am the one who has to do everything for my parents, too, as my brother is 5 hours away. In some ways, I’m glad, because I can take care of things as I see fit, but other times, I would like him to have to deal with some of it and give me a break. And they are still pretty self-sufficient!
    My best friend, whom I met over 25 years ago, is my rock. Wish we didn’t live 500 miles apart.


  11. jsackmom

    I still remember how stressful it was to arrange my Mom’s move into a care facility. My heart goes with you on that path, what a blessing to have your daughter and Granddaughter in your life. Wishing you all the best with your job prospects. 😊


  12. amycake76

    Sounds like you’ve been handling some pretty tough transitions so I’m glad you got a day of recuperation. I hope it was fulfilling and you had a good time with your old friend. Nothing like old friends.



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