How do I put my pages in chronological order?  They seem to be going in alphabetical order by the first letter of the title.  Will anyone see this since it is not listed last?  Will it matter?  I tried to change the order and seemed to have duplicated the posts.  Can I get rid of one without getting rid of another?  Will it matter?  How do I insert a picture in the middle of the page?  Can I change the color of the page without paying for an upgraded post?  Will it matter?  Will anyone read this? What is the difference between a blog and a post?

I will never forget going back to college as an older adult and going to the computer room.   The young people we quickly writing and printing.  It was complicated.  Somehow, you had to use your I.D. card.  I was so overwhelmed, I got up and left.  I picked a time that I knew most of the young people would be gone and the computer room would be quiet.  It was late on a Friday night.  I gathered my strength.  Walked into the room.  Rats.  Who should be working in the lab but one of the young people that had seen me in class.  I was going to be known as “that old lady that didn’t know how to do anything.”  I took a deep breathe.  “Can you help me learn how to use this place?”  He was so kind and helpful.  It didn’t take long before i was a pro.  I was sitting in the computer room writing an assignment.  Another “old lady” sat down beside me.  “Can you show me how to print something?”  Can I ?  You bet !  It felt so good.  I hope this goes the same way.  Thank you in advance.

Can I finish this, being 9 words short of the goal?  I can now !


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