Friday’s Ten things of thankfulness

Coming to the end of a very stressful week, I am actually quite excited to be writing my ten things of thankfulness. I have things running through my head, and really need to get them out of there and on to the paper. Let’s get started.

1) The first thing I am thankful for is my friend, Erin who started me on this.  I have wanted to keep a diary for years, and would never stick with it.  I still am not sure how long I will stick with this, but feel like this is a great start.  Erin has also been there for me this week, trying to help me navigate the website.  Somehow,I can publish under my “name” or under my “name in the ten things group”.  I am still somewhat confused by all this,so hopefully this will get published and people will find it.

2) I am very thankful for the people at ten things of thankfulness.  When I received my first comment, I was very nervous.  I thought “Oh here it comes, the usual internet type of comment.”  I figured it would be a critique or comment about lack of grammar, or just the rude statements that you usually find in the comments section.  What a joy to find such nice comments.  Just an acknowledgement that people could relate, was such a breathe of fresh air. So Thank you all.

3) I am thankful that my husband has been cleaning out things lately.  We have lived in the same house for 30 years.  The kids have grown and gone, yet they are not really settled, so we hold on to some things for them.  We hold on to things that have memories.  Both my husband and I can get sentimental about the silliest little thing.  Every time he throws things out, I start to get mad or nervous.  I am not sure what he is throwing away.  I have the feeling he is throwing out things I want and not things he wants.  I am trying to convince myself that I don’t want all these things, and I am having trouble getting rid of them.  I really would like a lot less stuff, so I realize he is doing what I should be doing, but I just cannot do.

4) I am so very grateful for the daytime caregiver I have had for my parents.  She has taken such good care of them for about the last five years.  I don’t know what I would have done without her. I am moving them into a facility, and I will have to do without her. She had to take a couple of days off and the nighttime person said she would cover.  I stopped by there, and found my parents in dirty clothes, the house a mess, the curtains still closed, I guess she had fed them breakfast but it was now noon and nothing else had been done.  My dad’s urine bag had not even been cleaned out. I wanted to fire her on the spot, but I needed her to stay as I needed to get the paperwork to the facility and do other things to get them moved.  I know she would call if it was an emergency, but I will be so thankful next week when I no longer have to deal with her.

5) I am thankful, that I have a job interview next Tues.  It is not a perfect job, but would allow me some flexibility.  It would be two six hour days.  The other three days I could pick up day jobs, if I want and take a day off if I want.  I don’t normally like the day jobs, but having a two day job, does give me a “home base” and some flexibility.

6) I am thankful for a friend I have worked with last year.  She called and told me she heard they will be hiring a six hour position at the place I was at, doing something I am fairly good at doing. I tried to call the school about it, but the office is now closed for the summer.  I am not sure what will happen with this, especially since I am considering option #5 above.  It always seems like this for me.  For so long, nothing will be happening, and I will feel like I am in a dead end.  Then an opportunity will arise, and I will think “Oh thank the Good Lord for leading me in this direction.”  Then I think God throws something else in there, just to confuse me.  Hopefully, whatever should happen will happen.

7) While thinking of people I am thankful for, I should mention that I am also thankful for another friend that called me about option #5.  She has been nothing but a great friend.  I have not always been the most open to all she wants to do.  I just have not felt close to her,or that we can totally relate.  I did take her son into my house when they threw him out due to drug issues and I called the police on him a half dozen times until they FINALLY took him to County Mental Health, to find that he was in the midst of a crisis mentally.  He could have easily been one of those that killed a bunch of people.  He has been on medications since and still lives with them.  I don’t know what will happen to him, but I am glad I was there in a time of crisis.

8) I am grateful for the summer weather.  Now this is a little hard to be grateful for this week.  It has been unusually muggy. Normally, this time of the year is actually too cold.  I would get mad that everyone else in the country is enjoying summer and we are cold.  So, as I complain about the mugginess, I am thankful for the overcast this morning, and the feeling that summer is here. I also am thankful for the little bit of rain that we have gotten from it.  It wasn’t a lot, but during this drought, every drop is precious.

9) I am grateful I am getting my weight down.  I am so happy that I have the money to pay for a very expensive program (medifast) that works for me.  I like what i eat, and that I don’t really have to feel hungry.  I do need to start working out more, but this program keeps me in a good place. I do have some health issues (fibromyalgia) that is still there.  I am never sure if some of my problems are just aging, or the fibro, but at least I am getting along.

10) I can’t let the ten go without saying that I am grateful for my granddaughter.  She was fussy yesterday, but my daughter handled it well, and the baby is ok.  She does bring me joy. It is hard to say who I enjoy being with more right now, my daughter or my granddaughter. Either way, it is nice to see them.

11 )!  And today you get a bonus.  I am grateful for this quiet time in the morning to get these thought to stop roaming through my head and to put them on the paper !  Now, I can start the day with much more joy !


8 thoughts on “Friday’s Ten things of thankfulness

  1. Kristi

    I’m glad Erin got you started on this, too! When it comes to thankfulness, the more the merrier really holds true.
    We’ve only lived in this house for 6 years, but the longest we’ve lived in one place is 7 years, and I am really feeling the need to declutter! (I think decluttering comes naturally with a move, but without a move, the stuff just piles up.)


  2. ivywalker

    Sorry it was a stressful week. Glad TToT helps. Seems like a lot of people are cleaning out….makes me thinkn I need to do the same. Im so sorry to hear about your parents caretaker. You showed amazing restraint! Good vibes for a better week ahead!


  3. dyannedillon

    I’m glad you enjoyed your first dip into the TToT pool, and I’m glad you were worried for nothing about the comments! Sometimes, we all get carried away and have entire conversations with each other in your blog comments, but other than those highjacking incidents, we are an awesome group, and I’m glad you came back this week to do it again.
    I know it will be a relief to get your parents settled in their facility. I wish you much luck with that.
    Good luck with your interview. I think you’re right; you will be led to the right opportunity for you.



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