Day 4/5

Yesterday, was a total fail.  I didn’t make it here.  I didn’t find the few minutes it takes to write something.  I did do some errands.  I went to try and find things that my parents need.  I didn’t solve those problems.  But today is a new day and I plan to not focus on the failure, but the successes.

Success.  In spite of not being really good about  the diet, I did not gain an ounce this week. I did get in a walk or exercise all last week.

Success.  I eliminated an old friend from my Facebook page.  I have avoided doing this for a long time.  Her posts are usually political and they usually just infuriate me.  I want to think I can get along with people of any political leanings, but the hate filled posts just became too much and today was a breaking point.  She is gone. I don’t feel bad about it.  This will be better for my soul and hopefully let me focus on happiness.

Success.  My granddaughter’s picture made me smile. I am so glad I am in her life.  I must remember to be respectful of the parents, so that I never lose that closeness with my granddaughter.

Success.  I did work on getting my life into a bit of more of an order. There is much to be done about this. But it is a start.

Success.  I did get here today and get something written.


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