Day 3

Today was a horrific day on the East Coast.  A young man killed several other people.  I was amazed, but not surprised, really, when the first comments some people made were that they were  mad that this was called a hate crime, because they felt that when a white person kills a black person, it is a hate crime, but if a black person kills anyone, it is not called a hate crime.  I was so saddened that this is what they focused on, and not the terrible tragedy. I cannot understand why this has to be a competition of who is the worse.  I don’t know if it was strictly a racial hate that caused this or if it was mental illness.  I am saddened for all the families involved.  This young man has ruined so many lives, including his own and his family’s.  I always wonder in these instances, if drugs had any place in this.  Would this young man have done this, even if he were a racist, if he was not lost to the drug culture?  So many unknowns, but for now it is time to be sad.  And yet, when I came back, still some people, had posts about Obama’s reaction. Really, I cannot imagine having anything other than what he had to say.  How do we as a country learn from anything, if we are so caught up in our own hatred.

Today, I also had to deal with people that do not support me in anything I try to do.  That is a long story, I am not ready to go into right now..but the feelings of having to travel this road without help, is so sad.

Today’s post will be short, but I did get here.  I did get some exercise in this week, I did get my errand done.  I think I will enjoy my time for now.


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